Welcome to Nyth…

I’m Edmund J. Asher.

My dark fantasy novel, The Sarimist Loyal, is in the works.

While you eagerly await (because in my mind you are eagerly awaiting) my book’s emergence from the depths of hell (just what I like to call the editing process), check out my blog. I write about my experience as a fledgling author and give advice I’m not qualified to give. Mostly I just talk/joke inappropriately about books, writing, movies, music, D&D/TTRPG’s, whatever.

Fair warning, nothing is sacred and I’m exploring myself (as an artist or like a pubescent teenager). So, if you seek entertainment (and are easily entertained), then enter.

I’m getting back to posting regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). You can keep up to date with my mailing list below (which won’t do you much good until I get the mailing list set up).

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My First Beta Review

I’ve recently received my first beta review and, Dear Reader, I’d like to share that experience with you. My sincerest desire is that my story of survival will give hope to those of you going through similar tragedy. So begins the review of the first beta review of my book, The Sarimist Loyal. A beta …



The Sarimist – Loyal (In Progress)


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