So You Want to Be a Serial Killer

My Sweet, Lovely Readers,

I was reading up on blogging, because, let’s face it. I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m doing. I happened upon a blog post titled Write Killer Content to bring people to your blog or something or other.

It was an excellent article. I admit, I didn’t read it… but I think I’m smart enough to know where it was going with a title like that. So here you go, killer content.

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Writing Faux-Pas

Dear Readers, where do I begin?

Let’s start with the new name for my Tales from the Tabletop section! I decided that the previous names I suggested for replacement would leave me in competition with an industry I have no hope of overcoming.

A quick search revealed that pornography has firm real estate within the realm of tabletops, as far as fucking is concerned.

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Inspiration, Infringement, Embarassment, News

Dear Readers,

At least I think “Readers” should still be plural. I’m pretty sure my wife is still reading. Oh well, I’m future proofing.

Anyways, my wife and I were talking on the way back from aforementioned meeting. She said to me, voice dripping with envy to a degree I’m definitely not exaggerating, “Inspiration doesn’t strike me as easily as it does you.”

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Censor Ship

Dear Reader(s),

This post ended up being a bit of a ramble with no clear conclusion. I’ll file this under philosophical musings and I/We can go off on it in other directions if philosophy is the tea that a good portion of my future following likes to drink. So, if you were looking for a post that really targeted in on censorship, that Censor Ship has sailed. Give it a read though.

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Anthology Update

So, Dear Reader(s), blogging is harder than I expected. I’m enjoying it though. I suppose what matters more is that my audience enjoys me. So, at the moment I have 100% audience satisfaction. A benefit to being my only reader.

I have tons of ideas for posts but a majority are for after the release of my first novel. So let’s do a behind the scenes.

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My Genre

So, Dear Reader(s), what do I write? I’ll answer this (self-posed) question to give prospective readers a better idea of what to expect from my stories.

I currently have myself listed as a writer of fantasy and science fiction but this hardly says anything. My first novel will be (or is so far) more fantasy-centric, science fiction not taking the front and center.

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