Tidal Wave

We, my mother and I, had just climbed out of our little green Nissan.

We walked into the store. Its layout was unlike any place I had ever been. Not that it was particularly bizarre. Just noteworthy that it was foreign to me. I had expected some semblance of familiarity upon entering.

The walls were filled with things I didn’t recognize. The entire floor was bare except for a large (you could swim in it, though I would rather swim with sharks) wire bin in the middle of the store. Within it existed the only thing in the store I knew. I found no comfort in their familiarity.

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Manifesto Monday

That’s right. Manifesto Monday on a Wednesday. That’s how far behind I am. I could change it to Manifesto Wednesday but that would sound stupid. I’m saving Wednesday for Writing Prompts.

Besides, I like it. Sounds like a D&D ripoff. Manifestos and Mondays. Sounds intimidating. I’d rather face a dragon than a Monday anytime.

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The Dark Half – Stories from Nyth

I wrote this for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Stolen Titles (Stephen King Edition).

I don’t want to ruin this story with a posting of “The End” at… the end… followed by a posting of “Hey, I do the twitter and facebook. So follow! Join my mailing list if you are diggin’ my junk.”

So… there, that was it.

Promoting myself taken care of, I present to you…

The Dark Half

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A Man Needs a Name

No, for those who recognized the GoT reference, this is not another murder post.

No worries! We’ll visit Death again!

But today we will be taking a look into my writing process as it pertains to naming things.

Exciting, right?! Yeah, it sure the hell is. If you don’t think so you can just lea… damn, I didn’t mean it! Please, come back!

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