Who Am I?

If you seek a dark world, you will find none darker than Nyth. Yet, for all her darkness there will be those that struggle against her. Thank Nyth, for there is no better place than a world that shows you how precious joy and laughter truly are.

I am Edmund J. Asher, an aspiring author of dark fantasy blended with science fiction. It is my desire to immerse you in a world that no one else can give you. My world of Nyth, where I have spent the better part of fifteen years. My world of Nyth, she has eclipsed Earth in my mind. I have resisted for so long in bringing her to you for a myriad of reasons. Now she demands to be heard. It was inevitable that her stories come to you. I have succumbed to her will.

I also blog! After having stifled my voice for so long, I’m an open book. Join me as I swear, make inappropriate jokes, and make a fool of myself for the world to see. In addition to my short stories and series, we can talk about my world, the life and experiences that shaped her, as well as anything and everything else.

My (Short) Story

Why don’t we go traditional for this bit? Third person. Why not?

When he is not living with his own mind, Edmund J. Asher resides in Texas with his beautiful wife and two children. When not writing about his world, his time is spent with them. On the rare occasion that he is left with time unspent, he pursues any one of a billion different interests. He then, more often than not, wanders from his library and back to his family, missing them after only a brief hour of solitude. Sometimes he finds opportunity to sleep, during which he is regularly awakened for any of a myriad of reasons. Some examples of such being the voices of characters that demand recording, dreams that demand the same, or either of two small, shadowed figures whose whispered demands are varying.

Let’s put the third person away now.

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My Story

Long version of my story is in the works. Pictures will be added soon (soon being subjective).