Censor Ship

Dear Reader(s),

This post ended up being a bit of a ramble with no clear conclusion. I’ll file this under philosophical musings and I/We can go off on it in other directions if philosophy is the tea that a good portion of my future following likes to drink. So, if you were looking for a post that really targeted in on censorship, that Censor Ship has sailed. Give it a read though.

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Anthology Update

So, Dear Reader(s), blogging is harder than I expected. I’m enjoying it though. I suppose what matters more is that my audience enjoys me. So, at the moment I have 100% audience satisfaction. A benefit to being my only reader.

I have tons of ideas for posts but a majority are for after the release of my first novel. So let’s do a behind the scenes.

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My Genre

So, Dear Reader(s), what do I write? I’ll answer this (self-posed) question to give prospective readers a better idea of what to expect from my stories.

I currently have myself listed as a writer of fantasy and science fiction but this hardly says anything. My first novel will be (or is so far) more fantasy-centric, science fiction not taking the front and center.

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Welcome, Dear Reader(s)!

An update from the future… wow, this shit is pretty awful! This update comes after a month of blogging and I’ve already opened up quite a bit. I’ll leave the post intact for historical purposes. All right, get on with your reading.

The enclosed s is for hope, for at this moment I write for an audience of one. If I am not to be counted, then I suppose I write for an audience of none.

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