For Real This Time

(Before we start, you can read January’s (and all past issues) of ARTS Magazine by clicking here. I have an article in there every month so you know they are only accepting the highest of quality! Now, onward!)

My hiatus is over, for real this time. I know, Dear Reader, I’m a flake. But, here and now, I shout my commitment to the void.

I will make this blog a success!

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Censor Ship

Dear Reader(s),

This post ended up being a bit of a ramble with no clear conclusion. I’ll file this under philosophical musings and I/We can go off on it in other directions if philosophy is the tea that a good portion of my future following likes to drink. So, if you were looking for a post that really targeted in on censorship, that Censor Ship has sailed. Give it a read though.

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